Basildon Park guides

The Naturalist

We publish an annual report and bulletin called “The Reading Naturalist”


Back copies of recent issues can be bought from the secretary, but PDF versions of all issues can be downloaded free by clicking on the links below:

All issues have searchable text so should be indexed by sites like Google. The bracketed date is the date of publication and each issue relates to the previous year.

Other publications

A Flora of the Newbury area published in 1839 (“The History and Antiquities of Newbury and its Environs, including twenty-eight parishes, situate in the county of Berks: also a Catalogue of Plants, found in the neighbourhood”, Speenhamland, 1839) and scanned by Malcolm Storey, 2008

The Flowering Plants, Ferns etc. of the Country Round Reading (1900) part 1 and part 2

Quaestiones Naturales (1933) part 1 and part 2

The Moths of Bracknell 1976-1985 by Michael Dumbleton (PDF – 5.1mb)

Our Constitution & other ‘official’ documents

RDNHS Constitution

Risk Assessment for RDNHS mothing evenings

Risk Assessment for RDNHS walks