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Sulhampstead Lock – April 21st 2010

Twenty three members took advantage of the warm spring day to join Martin Sell on a walk from Tyle Mill along the Kennet and through the surrounding countryside. The four mile walk seemed shorter since our attention was held by the wide variety of interesting plants, butterflies and birds that were seen. Within a short time, a large patch of blinks (Montia fontana) were spottedand closely examined by the group. The effect of the prolonged cold weather of the past few months had created a profusion of plants blooming at the same time rather the succession usually seen. Greater tussock sedge (Carex paniculata) was seen in several places along the canal,  forming some large tussocks which made the reason for its common name evident. Among the butterflies seen, Orange-tip were most numerous with some Holly Blue, Comma and Peacock.

At the end of the walk, 17 members relaxed over a well-earned lunch at the Fox and Hounds – a lovely end to a most pleasant walk.

Ricki Bull