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Awards for all

awards for all

Reading and District Natural History Society are proud to announce that they have been awarded a National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ grant of £5475. The money will be used to buy a digital projector and lamp, a laptop with suitable software, a stand for the projector and laptop, display boards and an electrically-operated wall screen, which will be installed in Pangbourne Village Hall, where the Society holds its winter meetings.

Until now, the Society has only owned an aged slide projector and a rather small folding screen which has had to be balanced precariously on top of a table. But nowadays, most of our speakers have PowerPoint presentations which require digital projection equipment. Thanks to the ‘Awards for All’ grant, our winter talks will now be presented at the highest quality on a large screen.

We have put together a stimulating programme of wildlife talks for the Winter 2008-2009 season, which we look forward to seeing on our new equipment. The first talk of the winter season will be at 19:45 on Tuesday 7th October in Pangbourne Village Hall, when President Jan Haseler will talk about monitoring butterflies in Mid-Berkshire.

You can view our Awards for all certificate here.