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Lower Pang Valley – 4th April 2009

On Saturday 4th April, Colin Dibb led a walk in the lower Pang valley. The sun shone brightly as the group set out from Little Heath in Tilehurst down a steep path through the woods where spring flowers included both Common and Early Dog-violets, Wood Anemones and Wood Sorrel. Wild Cherry trees and Blackthorn bushes were covered in blossom and Brimstone and Peacock butterflies were flying in the sunshine. The group paused to admire the wonderful display of primroses and violets in Sulham churchyard. The walk continued past new-born calves in the fields next to the Sulham Brook. Cowslips were in flower in the drier parts of Corner Meadow in BBOWT’s Moor Copse nature reserve, while in the wetter parts, the bright green leaves of Great Burnet contrasted with the darker green of Meadowsweet.  The route then led along Nunhide Lane, before climbing steeply back up through the woods to Tilehurst.

The walk was attended by 23 members.

Plant species observed:
Glechoma hederacea                                      Ground ivy
Viola riviniana                                                Common dog-violet
Viola reichenbachiana                                    Early dog-violet
Ranunculus ficaria                                          Lesser celandine
Anemone nemorosa                                        Wood anemone
Asperula odorata (in bud)                               Woodruff
Sanicula europaea                                          Sanicle
Ruscus aculeatus                                             Butcher’s broom
Hyacinthoides non-scripta                              Bluebell
Potentilla sterilis                                             Barren strawberry
Mercurialis perennis                                       Dog’s mercury
Acer campestre                                               Field maple
Prunus avium                                                  Wild cherry
Primula vulgaris                                             Primrose
Euphorbia amygdaloides                                Wood spurge
Corylus avellana                                             Hazel
Oxalis acetosella                                             Wood-sorrel
Prunus spinosa                                                Blackthorn
Erophila verna                                                Common whitlow grass
Veronica filiformis                                          Slender speedwell
Humulus lupulus (young plants)                       Hop
Ribes rubrum                                                   Redcurrant
Ribes uva-crispa                                              Gooseberry
Ranunculus auricomus (in bud)                       Goldilocks buttercup
Sanguisorba officinalis (leaves and old fruit heads)                  Great burnet
Filipendula ulmaria (ditto)                              Meadowsweet
Primula veris                                                  Cowslip

Bird species:
Green woodpecker
Red kite

Peacock butterfly
Speckled Wood