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Tick survey

The RDNHS has many members who are active and spend a fair proportion of their leisure time out of doors. This is especially true in warmer weather when we are more likely to visit the countryside; grassland, wooded areas, parks and go out into our gardens.

There have been reports in the press that there is an increase in the number of ticks (Ixodes ricinus) which, as you are aware, can carry the bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) which causes Lyme disease. Ticks are more active in mild, warm weather and they have a shorter dormant period if the winter is mild. Currently most of the tick cases that have been reported are in the Southern part of the UK, with very few cases in the northern England and Scotland.

We wondered whether you could spare some time to complete a questionnaire (see here). On a recent RDNHS walk, one of our members picked up a tick and removed it with no mishap. We wonder how frequent an occurrence this is in this area. Please would all of you take the time to complete the questionnaire, negative answers are as valid as positive. One form for each tick bite. Please duplicate as necessary.

We will report the findings here and at a RDNHS meeting- details will be anonymous, there is no need to give your name unless you wish to.

Please return any completed forms (or negative responses) to the following email: