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Kingwood Common – 16 December 2015

On a warm dry day with sunny intervals, Sheelagh Hill led a group of 10 people for a walk around Kingwood Common. The walk started at The Red Lion on Peppard Common and headed across the common, down into Littlebottom Wood, through to Greatbottom Wood, Overs Wood and up past Greyhone Wood to Kingwood Common. From there we worked our way across Kingwood Common eventually emerging by The Unicorn pub and back up to Peppard Common and the Red Lion for a delicious lunch. The previous weeks of rain had made the going muddy and slippery, compounded by the weekend cross country run of about 30 people along the Kingwood footpaths! Although it was December we found many flowering plants along the way including: Yarrow, Daisy, Sedge, Spurge Laurel, Teasel, Petty Spurge, Hawkweed, Holly, Prickly Lettuce, White Dead-nettle, Red Dead-nettle, Honeysuckle, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Annual Meadow-grass, Bramble, Groundsel, Dandelion, Gorse;

Ferns: Broad Buckler-fern, Male Fern, Hart’s-tongue, Polypody (thanks to Jan and Jerry Welsh for the species list).