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Farley Hill – 2nd June 2009

farley-hill-natural-history-028Eight members met on a lovely sunny evening and explored the lanes and riverside paths along the Blackwater to its confluence with the Whitewater, then along the Broadwater, returning past Sandpit Farm and Jouldings Farm. The late spring flowers expected were seen, with honeysuckle and elderflowers prominent in the woodland areas. The riverside provided the most memorable sight, hundreds of demoiselle damselflies shimmering among the vegetation. The resident swans had produced four cygnets and the birders were satisfied by sighting reed buntings and reed warblers. The rivers, which were surprisingly full after a period of dry weather, had a water crowfoot in abundance and the common bulrush (Scirpus lacustris) was very conspicuous, particularly in the Broadwater. All agreed that it was a very pleasant outing to an area that is not often visited.


(report by Chris Bucke, photos by Ricki Bull)